Review: When Sh*t Gets in the Way, Inês Vieira

Title: When Sh*t Gets In The Way
Author: Inês Vieira
Publication Date: December 26th, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: College Romance

College freshman, Jessica Silva has finally gotten what she always wanted, to live on her own two feet in the greatest city of the world - New York City. 

But as the saying goes; Be careful what you wish for. 
City life isn't all that's cracked out to be. While Jess was the Queen B back in her hometown of Plymouth, NYC barely takes notice. 
To add insult to injury, Quaid 'Golden Boy' Stevens is also attending the same school. Mr. Perfect himself. Jess isn't fooled though. Quaid has always been on her sh*tlist for portraying the perfect illusion. No one is that flawless and good. 
Behind that, all American smile lives a liar with buried secrets. Quaid might have been lucky up till now in keeping them hidden, but Jess will do everything in her power to know what they are. 
She just has to make sure that she doesn't fall for him in the meantime.

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I'm so so glad I read this!! This was my first ever read by Inês Vieira, she's a Portuguese author who happens to write in English and I was just so happy about it!
I loved getting to read bits and pieces of my own language in a book, it's a pretty rare thing and it was totally awesome and oh so funny because Inês sure made it so.

I enjoyed everything about this book and I cannot wait to go read the first book in the series. That's right, this series has two books, and probably many more to come. Thank God for that!
You can read this book as a standalone but I'm positive you're gonna want to read them all, so it's probably best to read them in order. The only reason I didn't was because I simply didn't have time to read both before the release day of WSGITW, since I have so many other books I need to read by a certain date and also a lot of studying to do. But 'When Life Gets in the Way' is already on my January tbr and it will probably be one of the first ones I read once I get all the urgent arcs out of the way eheh.

“I’ll be seeing around, Jessica.” It's not a threat, but a promise and it heats my cheeks in such a way that I lower my face into my textbook, praying Quaid missed the effect he had on me with these little words. I hear him leave and drop my arms over my head on the table. Crap-fucking-tastic! I’m fifteen again getting hot and bothered by Quaid freaking Stevens!

I really loved Jess and Quaid's story so much. It was super funny and entertaining and also pretty sweet too. I loved the way it was written, it was beautiful and poetic. And I also really enjoyed the plot and the characters. Everyone had an important role in the story and I cannot wait for them all to get a book, fingers crossed for most of them. I'm also very curious to read Cass and Isac's story, it's gonna be a sweet and very emotional one, seriously cannot wait. I love me all the angst!!!

It’s as if Quaid’s first kiss was the promise and this is the prize. Tangled sweetness and fevered swollen lips find each other over and over again, and it’s just not enough. Not nearly enough. Making my intention clear that I want in, that I want to feel his hot tongue caress mine I push through a small window and dive in what can only be my own personal heaven and hell. Heaven because his taste is just as perfect as his touch. Hell because how will I ever be able to kiss anyone else and not compare it with this? It’s as if every kiss I have ever given could never measure up to even to a fraction of this one.

“You kissed me,” I had asked. “I did,” he had replied. “And you kissed me back,” he had stated shyly. Not enough. I’ve haven’t kissed you back enough.

Jess was the sarcasm queen and oh my god I just loved her to bits! She was super funny and she was honestly an amazing person despite all her initial bitchiness towards Quaid, she cares about everything and everyone and she is a great friend. Heroine goals right here.

“Never pegged you for a stalker, Quaid. You need to get out more if your sense of fulfillment is getting info on me. I’m not that interesting,” I say trying to defuse a bomb that I know will blow up in T minus 10 seconds. The bomb in this scenario is my wavering cool exterior that I’m trying really hard to maintain right now. Quaid leans back in his chair and places his arm over the back of my chair. His fingers are centimeters away from my hair. It’s distracting as hell, and as he leans into me, our faces are a breath away from each other. My heart does a little somersault in my chest, and I feel goose bumps spread all over my body. Even my toes aren’t immune to the earthy smell of wood and clean cut grass. His smell alone creates havoc on me, but his steel blue stare engulfs my senses.

Quaid was also a very sweet guy and he became more and more so throughout the book. Such a sweetheart. His only fault was hiding such a big secret, and not having the guts to lay his cards out when he should have.

All the side characters were amazing and I just seriously loved this bunch a lot, except for the two evil souls of Olivia and Hector obvs.

I highly recommend you guys pick this book up, it was so good!!!!

“And love? What’s the word for love?” he asks, taking a paused breath, waiting for a reply and I see the hidden panic in his eyes as a result of his bold question. ‘Tu.’   ‘You,’ I think, but I don’t say it because I am just as startled by his question as I am with my immediate internal reply.       “Amor,” I finally reply and I look up at him tracing my own fingers down his face reaching his jaw and pulling him closer to my lips and when they finally meet his, there is no longer use in hiding why my first answer to the word love was his sweet name.

Rate: 4,7 / 5 stars

Author Bio
Ines Vieira is the Author of the YA Contemporary Romance When Life Gets in the Way series and the upcoming NA Tyler Ranch Series.
She was born in Lisbon, Portugal, but has grown up all over. Having spent her childhood on the island of Bermuda, her first go to language is English, rather than her mother tongue. She has lived in the UK, where she taught English as a second language and learned how to bloody cuss more eloquently.
She is an avid reader and needs either a book or her beloved Kindle to travel with her everywhere at all times. She currently lives in sunny Portugal, with her husband and son and her one-click addiction.
She’s loving this crazy world of Indie Publishing and loves to give a helping hand to all new authors any way she can. A big believer in paying it forward, she is the poster child for Monty Pythons “Always look on the Bright side of Life”

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