Review: We Were One, Elizabeth Reyes

Title:  We Were One (Looking Glass alternate POV)
Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Genre: NA/Romance suspense/Romantic thriller
Release Date:  January 29, 2018
The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.

~Oscar Wilde~
Adoration is not profound enough a word to express the
depth of my love for her. From the moment she walked into my life and
set my heart and soul on fire, not a day’s gone by that she hasn’t
plagued my every thought.
We were each other’s completion. She was everything I wasn’t–the sigh to my roar, the virtue to my sin, the cure to my wounds.

We Were One.

Until the unthinkable happened.

That I’ve survived such a tragedy without having completely lost it,
is a mystery in itself. But as my mind starts to blur the lines between
reality and my delusional heart, I begin to question everything,
including my sanity.

And then the real mystery begins . . .

Looking Glass #2

Nico’s story


My God, this book... I don't know what it is this month but I'm having the best freaking luck when it comes to books, so many 5 star reads, so many angsty filled books.. I am in book heaven. 2018 I'm really digging you! 
This book was just one of the many. It is freaking sweet, and boy my god so darn angsty it's not even the least bit funny. This book was the kind of angsty that borderlines physically painful. I swear, it really hurt for a long darn time to read this. It was seriously heartbreaking, omg! And if you're an angst junkie like me, this is absolutely the book for you!!

“I didn’t think anything,” I explained quickly. “That’s the problem. I wasn’t thinking when I decided to walk in there today. You just . . .” I exhaled, shaking my head, feeling utterly exasperated, and glanced around then looked back at her, lowering my voice. “You just do something to me, and I lose my mind.” Finally, the annoyed expression softened but just a little. “You do something to me too.”

I could explain to y'all some of the basics of the plot but I'm not gonna because it might spoil something important for you or completely ruin your reading experience of this book, so yeah I'm not gonna talk plot at all, just keep this short and sweet, and a total roller coaster of emotions because that's exactly how this book had me. Like I was riding a roller coaster, and at each flip I'd be punched in the gut with grief, heartbreak or the biggest plot twist ever.

“Your love is the kind that very few are blessed with. You’re like two pieces of a very special puzzle. Neither piece will ever fit anywhere else but with each other. You two are one, and without the other, neither will ever be whole again. So never ever let go . . . no matter what circumstances or what anyone says. You are one. Your hearts will forever beat for the other.”

Pick this one up, seriously! It is so god damn sweet at first, Nico and Maddie's story is a 'forbidden' love type of thing but oh so endearing and seriously super cute. They will have you laughing, swooning and just freaking loving this book because of their sweetness. Of course then comes the heartbreak, I think it was at about half the book so be ready for it, you'll feel it coming but you won't really be ready for it! From that moment forward it is absolutely heartbreaking, so have a box of tissues next to you because you'll need them!! 

After reading that you may be asking.. wait does this book not have an HEA? It does, it does.. and you won't see that coming either or maybe you will. This book ends just right.. happy. But that ending will put your emotions through the ringer too. 

Note: This book is a retelling of the story in Girl In The Mirror,  in Nico's POV, so if you're interested in reading that one first go ahead, but you don't need to, you just can if you want.
 I didn't read it and I'm not even sure I want to, I think once was enough of going through the emotions their story put me through.

Rate: 4,8 / 5 stars

As I usually did when I first arrived at the
lake, I parked and lit up a smoke so I could stake the place out by
myself for a little while first. I’d heard about and seen enough of the
twins now to know they were getting popular with the boys. Not in a bad
way, but from what Nolan told me, even the quieter seemingly shyer one
of the two had just as many admirers as the more outgoing one. But I’d
yet to, nor did I plan to, socialize with either—ever.
“Did it hurt?”
I should’ve known right then those deep blue eyes
that close, coupled with that sweet voice, would be the end of me. It
was one of the twins—but unlike most of the folk in town, I knew exactly
which one—stood before me, staring at my arm curiously.
Trying not to get too sucked into her
intoxicatingly playful eyes, I looked away from them as our eyes met and
I glanced down at what she was staring at instead. I couldn’t help
smirking. She was asking about my latest tattoo.
“A little,” I said, not making too much of it,
then glanced back at her. Smiling at those curious eyes just couldn’t be
helped, so I did as I continued to indulge. “But it’s the best kind of
pain there is. The kind that hurts so good.”
I knew flirting with her was a risk, but I could
see the way she was looking at me—the way most girls did when I took
them in so unabashedly, making no secret of my dirty thoughts.
She was younger than most girls I normally hung
out with. I figured a few more risqué comments from me might have her
red as a beet and walking away as she should.
“That thing between your legs,” she said, making
me stop mid-drag of my cigarette, and my brows jumped at attention. “It
just keeps getting bigger.”
Coughing what little smoke I’d inhaled, I
proceeded to make an ass of myself nearly choking then laughing until I
was finally able to speak. “What?”

elizabeth reyesAward winning and USA Today Bestselling
Author, Elizabeth Reyes continues to answer to her calling on a daily
basis. Since releasing her debut novel Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers #1)
in 2010 she has now published 27 titles and is fast at work on the
next. The excitement her books have garnered has far exceeded her
wildest dreams. It is with as much excitement that she’ll continue to
put out books related to her established series as well as introduce
brand new ones very soon.
We Were One is the second in the Looking Glass series. It’s an alternate POV to the first in the story.
Girl In The Mirror
But you’re getting a
whole new story in Nico’s prospective. Elizabeth made sure she gave her
readers a whole new look at Maddie and Nico.

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