Release Day Blitz: Interlude, Auden Dar

Title: Interlude
Series: Interlude Duet #2
Author: Auden Dar
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 31, 2018


One night.

That’s all Julian Caine offered.

And heartbreak is my only souvenir.

The morning
after the most unforgettable night of
my life, I wake up minus the man and plus one note.

With my
head held high, I’m determined to move on without the two men who broke my

My former
fiancé who let me go easily without so much as a glance.

And the
staggering, gorgeous Englishman who made me scream incoherent words…

All. Night.

When tragic
circumstances bring Julian closer than ever, it comes with unyielding passion and a new proposal… but not the traditional kind, the no-strings attached


truths are revealed.

New sexual adventures are explored.

But the
question remains, will we ever be more than this … than this Interlude?

is Book Two in the Interlude Duet. Due to graphic sexual content, it is
intended for mature audiences only.

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I had been dying to read this one since I first finished Prelude! I had so many questions, so much curiosity regarding Julian and his past and just what he could be hiding but oh my god I was not expecting this!!!
I adored Prelude but Interlude was way better, if you've read Prelude you're in for a treat with this one! So much happened, so many freaking revelations and just a whole jumble of emotions. It was seriously so good! Specially that ending oh my god! I loved loved that ending. It was brilliant!

“Do you know how many times I’ve dreamed of you playing the piano here?  Just the way you used to play for me when we were kids.  I bought the Fazioli for you.  I had imagined being here in this room with you while you played it.”  His soft lips plant light kisses along the side of my neck before he whispers, “And how far my imagination has taken me. I’ve never been this happy before.”  Taken aback, I turn my head and capture his bottom lip. “Is it me or my music that makes you happy?” I ask, teasing him.  “You. Your music. Your smile,” he says with tenderness. “You make me happy too.” I turn my body and straddle him with my legs.  Staring directly into those gray-blue eyes of his that make me crazy, I lean slightly forward. My palm instantly comes to rest on his chest, feeling it rise and fall. The rapid beating of his heart startles me. He’s as affected as I am.  “Lina, you unravel me.”

I don't wanna spoil the plot for you so I'm not touching that. But just know that it might get frustrating because Lina has a lot of issues due to Julian having left her, not once but twice and also the whole issue with Andrew, so yeah she's very insecure and has no idea what to do most of the time regarding both Julian and Andrew. 
At some point in the book, I was so damn frustrated with her, I wanted to scream. You'll know when if you read this. I can't explain otherwise I'm spoiling your asses big time. Seriously though that part was so frustrating but then what happened after that and those last 5-6 chapters made up for the whole thing. I'm still high on those last chapters, and they weren't necessarily happy but they explained a lot and give you an insight to what's still going to be explained in future books, like Andrew's! 

A part of me is filled with joy because I’m in her company and we’ve managed to be close friends. And another part of me is filled with sadness because she’s the only woman I’ve ever loved. And she is no longer mine.

Let's talk Andrew for a second.. I hated him in the first book, for real, I thought he was a douche and that she should leave his ass high and dry and never look back. However, Auden in this book totally redeemed Andrew for me and I seriously don't know how she could do that. But I absolutely loved Andrew (again: how???), I really did. I felt really bad for him, once he apologized and explained things. My heart hurt for him! And the epilogue OMG, loved loved it so much. I need his book STAT! I need him to be happy, and be over Lina and maybe be with you'll know who from the epilogue. I totally feel a forbidden romance coming our way, hmm can't wait!!!

“What makes you happy?” “You,” he answers without hesitation. “Excuse me?” “You, Evangelina Darling James. You. Everything you do. The way you roll your eyes when you’re enjoying that cupcake. The way you laugh like Betty Rubble without a care in the world. The way you have no filter and say whatever’s on your mind. Even when you call me an arse.” He winks. “The way you love Mugpie. The way you get lost when playing one of your compositions on the piano. The way you sing your heart out and so out of tune to your favorite songs.” He laughs before continuing, “The way you moan when I kiss your delicious mouth. The way you look at me like I’m the only person in the world. You. You make me insanely happy.” Sweet Jesus, I am in deep trouble. For someone who never does romance, Julian is a quick learner. Actually, he’s a master at it.

I highly recommend you pick up this duet up if you haven't read Prelude yet, and if you did then you definitely need to read Interlude. It's so good and you get all your questions answered, and then are left with more questions that you'll be dying to know the answers too.
For real, this book was great, you get to feel it all, the heartbreak, the frustration, the doubt, the grief, the heat, the love, everything! It was amazing! If you liked Julian in the first book, you're gonna die over the real, the true, the naked Julian Caine. He is so darn sweet and has overcome so much. His past is just insane and you'll understand everything that has happened in the first book and during this one. God damn, he's truly amazing! I just loved him!

“You’ve always been mine even when you were engaged to another man. And you’ll be mine as long as we’re both breathing.”

Rate: 4,8 / 5 stars

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Author Bio

Auden Dar
is a romance junkie.  A former A&R
music executive, Auden aspires to create the perfect, imperfect book
boyfriend.  Besides her family and erotic
romance, Auden's other passions include music, foreign films, stalking bulldogs,
and learning how to cook like Nigella Lawson.

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