Review: Last Chance To Fall, Kelsey Kingsley

“You look at me like I’m the last woman in the world.”
“And what if you are?”
While his twin brother was taking risks and making mistakes, Sean Kinney set out to be “the good son,” selling mattresses in River Canyon’s only department store, because well… Nothing is scary about mattresses, is there?
After meticulously plotting out his life, Sean never thought a woman could fit into the plan, never thought he could be so reckless with his heart, despite his jealousy toward the love his brothers have found—the women they call home.
But when the strikingly beautiful and equally careful Lindsey Molloy walks into his life after setting her mattress on fire, something in his practiced routine shifts. Before he realizes what’s happening, he’s taking risks, taking chances, all for her, and he begins to wonder…
Could she be exactly what he needs to break his habits?
Could she be his home?


The Kinney brothers tend to fall fast when they meet their girl and they have that super power of knowing right from the start that she's the one. Sean Kinney was no different. And boy did I enjoy reading all about it.
“I am so tired of doing what I think is the right thing, only for it to be so fucking wrong. I am so tired of not living my own life, because I’m afraid of what might happen if I do. But you know what? When I’m with you, I’m not afraid, and all I keep thinking is, ‘What if this is your last chance?’” God help me, I didn’t want to ask. God help me, I had to. “Last chance for what?” “To feel something real.”

Sean has always played the perfect son, trying to make his parent's life easier because his twin made it hard enough on them. In order to do that Sean gave up on doing all of things and especially on trying new and out-of-the-box things for him. He gave up on living and he settled on a boring life instead of finding out what he was really meant to do for the rest of his life.
Lindsey comes into his life one day and changes his whole life around. She didn't have an easy past, she was sick when she was younger and seeing her parents so messed up over it made her want to do everything to make them happy. This of course means that she isn't happy. Just like Sean, she hasn't been living. So when they meet they make a pact, that for the week Lindsey stays in town they will do things they haven't done in forever and want to, and also try new things. 

I know there are so many of them. You hardly know me, and we just met, and I’m asking you to go outside your little bubble to spend a week doing shit with me, but ...” She pulled her hands away, and with them on the table, she picked away at her fingernails. Nervous. Asking this of me was stepping outside of her comfort zone. She had probably never asked a total stranger for a thing in her entire life, and certainly not something like this. “But I think I need this, you know? I think I need to spend a little while doing things for me, and I don’t think I could do it alone. I mean, what if this is the last chance for us to finally get to do the things we want to do?” And with a deep breath, I released the heavy sigh that weighed me down. I sent my rules and inhibitions into the air, and I said, “Okay.” Because, despite the possibilities seeming dangerous and uncertain, how could I possibly say no to her? I couldn’t. Not when she was talking about last chances, because really, what if it was?

Sean sees a change in his life right away and it's all thanks to her. Safe to say they start falling right away, they fit together like puzzle pieces and there was nothing that would have stopped them from falling for each other. And that's the beauty of it they had to find each other to be happy, to start living the life they wanted, living for themselves and no one else. And after they meet there's nothing stopping them from living, there's no fear and there's no holding back, and that's how Sean Kinney gets his girl.

“Be my girlfriend, until you’re gone.” Her fingers reached forward, brushing against the edge of my t-shirt, unable to resist the urge to touch me. “What’s the point?” “Because if this is my last chance to say that I had you—really had you—I want to take it.” She looked up to me, tears still glistening in her eyes. “Even if that means spendin’ all of forever, dyin’ of the worst broken heart I’ll ever know in my life.” “God,” she sputtered, a blubbered word surrounded by a burst of bastard tears. “You’re going to write a poem about that too, aren’t you?” “A whole feckin’ book.”

Last Chance To Fall is a bit of an insta love but it's a beautiful one at that. This story is much more than a tale of love, it's a tale of finding yourself, not being afraid to be who you want to be and doing what's right for you; it's a story about living your life, learning to live and not merely exist. Sean and Lindsey's story is a very sweet one, it's an adventure you'll want to go. Sean is impossible not to fall for once you get to really know him and Lindsey just couldn't say no to such a sweet, sexy and thoughtful man, and I don't think she minded one bit. I wouldn't have either.

And to think all she had wanted that day was a matress... 

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Author's Bio:
When I was a wee lassie, I was told by my preschool teachers that I was a natural at storytelling. When I was just a little older than that, an old friend's mother said to me, "Kelsey, one day your books are going to be on the shelves at the library."

Well, Diane, I don't know if my books are ever going to be on the shelves of libraries, but I'm sure as hell going to try.
When I'm not writing stories destined to be bestsellers, I enjoy devouring TV shows, listening to every type of music there is and going to concerts, reading pretty much anything (with a soft spot for romance and certain books located in 18th century Scotland), obsessing over makeup, and pretending to workout. I also have a fondness for cats, my family, tattoos, and a really good French fry.

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