Review: Forever, Anna B. Doe

Forever by Anna B. Doe is LIVE!

Anabel and William's story is coming to a sweet, beautiful, heartbreaking conclusion in Forever, New York Knights novella!

Title: Forever
Series: New York Knights novella, book 3
Author: Anna B. Doe
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Cover Design: Oh So Novel
Graphic Design: Čitaholičarka
Release Date: May 25th, 2018

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This story is as old as time.
Girl meets boy.
They fall in love and, after their fair share of highs and lows, they finally get their happily ever after …
Only in my story, happily ever after seems to be so far away.
William and I are together, but we’re apart.
It’s hard and painful, but we make do because not being together is harder than having a long-distance relationship.
Every turn is more painful than the last, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it.
If we are ready for it.

For more than a year, I waited.
For more than a year, I was a good boy playing by the rules.
For more than a year, I’ve been waiting for the right moment.
I gave her time she needed.
The time we needed.
I watched her go in and out of my life, time and time again.
But I’m done playing this game.
I can see the pain in her eyes. The pain that matches my own.
It’s time to end this and claim what’s mine.
Because I’m hers, and she’s mine and we … We’re forever.

Even from the distance, I can see her face clearly. Her lips are curled in a big, bright, goofy smile. It’s blinding even from the distance, and I have a feeling I can see tears shine in her eyes. She’s here. The lump in my throat is so big it’s hard to swallow. She came. Even though I know Bel’s busy with studying and exams and what not, she came. For me. Tink is here, on this side of the world, just because she knows how much this means to me.

I have only one goal on my mind. Tinkerbell. Get to her. Hold her. Kiss her.

This book was the perfect 'conclusion' to this series. You get to see everyone happy and living their HEA and it was just amazing to finally see everyone so happy. It was beautifully written and truly captivated what it's like to live through a long distance relationship and how hard it is to live far from the person you love.

 “I want it all with you, Tink. White picket fence, as many kids as you want, a dog or two, rocking chair on the front porch. The whole deal with a bow on top.” Now I can see it in my head clearly. William coming home to me. William sleeping with our baby on his chest. William teaching our son how to throw a ball or playing tea party with our little girl. William and the kids playing with dogs.

While it is a continuation of Will & Anabel's story, you get to see everyone else and it was super cute to see how they were doing and what was in the cards for their future. 

This novella was a true joy to read, specially if you had been missing these characters and if you care for them deeply. It will truly be a bittersweet read because while it is a happy fest, this is a goodbye, at least for now. 

“Apart from my family, you are the only woman I ever loved, Tink. It was always supposed to be you. You are my forever.”

What to know how it all started?
Lost & Found (New York Knights, book #1)
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"The drama was so different than other romance novels
that I have come across. The complexity was intense. The angst and the hope I
have these character was so surreal. Lost and Found is a book that is one-click
worthy!" – Crystal’s Book World

“I’m working here Anabel,” he says with a goofy grin on his face. “It’s nice to see you again. Looks like destiny has something special planned for us.”

Will and Anabel pulled me into their orbit from the very first few pages. They had a long road ahead of them, with Anabel being afraid to fall in love with Will, knowing that after her year in the US was up, that she had to leave. But Will being Will, he gave her no choice. He was just so sweet and persistent, that there was just no chance in hell Anabel could survive that year without falling in love with him.

William Price confuses me. He makes me question my sanity. He makes me think about things I didn’t think much about before meeting him. He makes me open up, makes me see the girl that is somewhere inside me, and I wasn’t even aware of that up until now. He is—just as I remember confessing last night—dangerous for me. For my heart. For my very soul.

I feel for this story and these characters so freaking fast, and I do mean all characters, not just Will and Anabel. The whole bunch of them was amazing, and having read all 3 books in the series, I damn well am gonna miss them.
So yeah, it's obvious I recommend this series. Lost & Found is a slow burn sports/college romance that you'll love. Give these characters a chance because they're worth it. 

“Are we just friends Anabel?” I murmur softly. “I told you before, but I guess I’ll have to repeat myself: I want you Anabel, not just as a friend, but as a woman, and I’ll have you. You can run as long and as far as you’d like, but I’ll find you. That’s a promise.”

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