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Review: Stories of September anthology


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Trilina Pucci 
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Before the school bell rang on September 1st, we were already falling in love. Stories of September is a collection of sweet and sexy romance novellas from 10 best selling authors obsessed with falling in love. 


This review is for Headmaster Turin by Ella Fields:

Oh Nightingale, you really are messed up but the more I get of you, the more I want to know, the more I want period. 

After reading Evil Love and knowing this novella would be about Headmaster Turin, I came up with so many theories to what it would be and who the heroine would be but boy never in my wildest dreams did I ever think about any of what actually happend. Wow. Ella completely surprised me. I was not expecting THAT ahah. But I got say, I enjoyed it immensely. In a way it was super hot but also sweet. I can't go into details because it will spoil it so I won't but ahhh. It was so steamy and I loved the characters, I hope we get to see them during the series as side characters and that a certain someone will get his own book at some point!

I've read another three stories and they were all so cute! I read Willow Winter's story and it was an adorable and steamy single parent romance. 

I also read Meghan Quinn's which was fun, cute and I desperately need more of those too! You get to see some of the characters from the her newest baseball series which I love with my whole heart so it was very nice to get more of the older characters. 

And I also read K Webster's and wow. I think I've only ever read this author in anthologies and I NEED to change that omg. I've heard such great things about her books specially her MM romances and I have them on my tbr but experiencing it first hand was a whole other thing wow. This story was so freaking beautiful and emotional. It was really beautiful to read, it depicts two different diseases in such a real and powerful way and gosh the way she wrote it... the love, the connection these two characters had, the emotions they pulled from me just wow!!! It was my favorite one. 

I'm hoping to one day get back to this anthology and read the rest of the stories, specially Meagan Brandy's but first I need to go read the Fumbled books.



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