Series Review: The Angelheart Saga by Annie Woods

First Came Forever Review 
4 royal stars

I'm so glad I finally got around to read this book. It's been sitting on my TBR forever and I'm so happy I'm tackling it now that I'm finally on vacation. I'll try not to spoil anything major I promise.

Jumping into the book, you're first introduced to the main character Erica and her friends who are going on a vacation abroad together but while all Erica's friends want to do is party and sunbathe, she wants to go see the sights and experience the temples of Cambodia. So she ends up venturing out on her own and that's when she meets Sasha. They share this connection right from the start and throughout the first day they get along so great they decide to keep travelling together. Sasha being well traveled shows her around and takes her to some of his favorite places. While they are on their journey they soon fall for each other, and even though it was super fast you can't help but like seeing them together being all cute. But Sasha has been hiding a secret all along, a secret that is a big part of who he is - being a Prince and King to be. This secret will hang over them throughout the entirety of the book, in various ways. 

Even knowing his secret and not knowing if she could ever live the royal life and all the duties that come with it, neither Erica or Sasha want to part ways. They take on a long distance/secret relationship heads on, and somehow they manage to move to the same country and see each other from time to time when Sasha has some free time from his charity work. 

Starting senior at a new school in a new country without knowing a soul is not easy but Erica soon makes a few friends who became central in her life and are loyal to a fault. She starts on the track team because she loves running and hoping it will help her fit in and make more friends.
Soon Erica's life is spent studying with Danny and Ricky at Danny's house, going running with Tyler, Danny's cousin who lives with him, and escaping to see Sasha whenever she and he can. She's getting her life together and integrating well in the new country and falling deeper in love with Sasha while also getting to know the real Tyler bit by bit. 

Things start getting complicated, a distance relationship is not easy. When she's with Sasha everything feels right and is perfect but when they're apart doubt fills her head and seeing Sasha on tv pretending to be someone else with the media makes her question if she really knows him at all.
Soon Erica finds her head and heart divided between Sasha and Tyler. She knows Sasha is the love of her life but she also developed feelings for Tyler. They have something between them that is undeniable. Do Erica and Sasha really have a future? Will she ever be ready to go public and live the life of a royal? 

First Came Forever is a story about a teenager who finds herself living some sort of fairy tale that she never thought possible. Sometimes it feels like she's living a double life, hiding from the world, lying to her friends back in Sweden, spending only stolen moments with Sasha. This double life causes doubts in both their heads and threatens to mess their relationship up. Tyler's feelings are obvious to Sasha and have him beyond jealous whenever Erica mentions him. Sasha's afraid that's he losing Erica to Tyler when he finds out they are going to be together at her prom, so he decides to drive there. Once he gets there he finds them in a compromising position and when it all comes to blows, he ends up driving off mad and it doesn't end well...

This book had me all over the place with all the teen life dramas and the royal life dramas as well. The friendships, the love triangles, the murder plots all had me glued to this book. 
Everything came together in the end in a fantastic way in terms of plot, but for my emotions not so much. Things did not end on a positive note and boy am I glad the second book is out so I can jump right on and find out what happens with all the characters, because they all have me invested in their journey. I can't wait to see how everything plays out, how the truths come out, how relationships will end. I'm so excited. 

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Forever Disguised REVIEW 
4,5 crowns

If I thought First Came Forever had me a mess,I had no idea how much emotion this book would pull from me...

So much happened in regards to every single character, so much was on Erica's plate, her whole life had to change in a blink of an eye. It was all so crazy, I don't know how she did it. She lost so much, and gained a lot too and I loved watching her overcome the struggle of everything and rise above it all and finding happiness among the darkest days.

I've said this before, I loved Erica and Sasha but I also fell in love with Tyler too in First Came Forever. Watching him step up and be there for Erica in every way she would let him, was both selfless and a little selfish but I love it. There was no doubt at all that Tyler loved Erica with every fiber of his being. He really did steal my heart there. 

“I’m sorry that the situation is… well, what it is. I too wish that things would be easier.” “Yeah, well, I don’t know. If things were too easy they’d get boring. One thing’s for sure, life with you is never boring.” “No, I guess not,” Erica smiled. “You and I have been many things, but we’re never boring together.”

Watching them together after everything they had to do, getting over the craziness but living through it and finding happiness in the little things made me happy. It was funny and cute, and then I was living for it but I was also just wanting around for Sasha to come back.. and when he did well I was both happy and sad. Tyler and Erica had just found true happiness together and then Sasha came knocking on the door and destroying that happiness. 
I was just as conflicted as Erica. Tyler or Sasha? I kind of wish she could stay with both.

“I want to kiss you all the time,” he murmured. “To show the world that you’re mine.” He lifted the duvet and moved over, putting his leg over hers. “Do you think this will ever stop? This wanting you?” He brushed her jawbone with his lips.

I don't want it is lately but these love triangles have been completely f*cking up my mind. I used to hate them and I always had a favorite but lately I've been loving them both so much and that breaks my heart because only one of them will get the girl and that's truly heartbreaking. Ok, ok I'm end the rant here otherwise I'll never shut up. Sorry loves. 

Forever Disguised was way better than anything I could have expected. Not only did Annie's writing get better, the story got better too, more drama, more craziness, more love, a lot of emotions over the course of the whole book. And I love the fact that Annie writes such diverse characters and gives them all a spotlight. I love these characters and I find myself truly invested in each and every one of them. She writes characters you can see yourself in (well despite the whole fairy tale thing and having this Prince's baby) characters that will make you connect to the story somehow, and make you happy to seem some of your quirks, traits or struggles in them.
Overall this book was amazing and as soon as I finished it I was already dying for more. Just thinking that I'm gonna have to wait a whole year for the third and final book in the saga makes my heart hurt. I hope Annie finds a way for all 3 characters to be as happy as they can be given the circumstances, they all deserve to be happy after everything.

Beyond Forever Review
4.4 stars

Oh what a journey it's been! This book had me so frustrated. My heart really hurt for Erica. Once again she was faced with tremendous loss, put in the middle of so much drama and so many anger and hurtful words and actions from certain people. I felt so bad for her and the situation she was living.

On my review for the second book, I said that I wished she could stay with both of her suitors, in this book, for the majority of it that is, I sort of wished she wouldn't end up with either. Both Sasha and Tyler were so unfair with Erica, they were both selfish and just couldn't see things from her perspective and it totally pissed me off. I was glad when Erica finally put herself and her baby first!

This final installement in Erica, Sasha and Tyler's story is super angsty, frustrating and very addictive. Once I got into the story and everything started unravelling I couldn't stop reading. So much was going on, so many plotlines progressing, everyone was slowly getting their 'happy ending' except the three main charaters and for a while there I thought she really wasn't gonna end up with either of them. But she does don't worry. This book ends with and HEA and a little cliffy into what I think will perhaps become a second generation series. One can only hope.

Although it was all very frustrating for me to read and both Sasha and Tyler pissed me off a lot, I thik they all ended up doing the right thing. Erica was happy with a certain lifestyle, it fit her and she could be herself without judgement. In the end, after much turmoil and heartbreak the decision they came to was what was best for all parties and everyone ended up right where they were meant to be. For me, it really felt like a good ending. Looking back at where it all started, it was not the outcome I would have forseen but that was even better because it surprised me in a good way.

I love how Annie wrapped up every plotline and relationship, everyone got to find their true love and end on happy note. I truly hope how the book ended means what I think it means ahah and I wouldn't mind getting a book for the other guy either and see how that relationship came to be.

Beyond Forever was an amazing, angst filled and even suspensful conclusion to the series. I was on the edge of my 'mental' seat waiting to see what happened next and who Erica would live happily ever after with. This book packed as many if not more punches as the other books, it was filled with all the royal or otherwise dramas, the murder plots, amazing friendships and family relationships and, of course we can't forget, the epic loves.

About Annie Woods

Annie Woods is a Swedish author who writes romantic YA books in English. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, but has spent a lot of time in the USA and UK. Currently she is partly living in the US, dividing her time between Stockholm and New York. Reading has always been a big part of her life, and she’s especially addicted to YA and teen love stories.

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